Meet the Team

Our team has been engaged in teaching, training, and studying MI since 1992.  Dr. Rose has been a member of MINT, the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, since 1998.

Gary S. Rose, Ph.D.

Founder & Principal

Dr. Gary Rose is a member of the Core Faculty, Department of Clinical Psychology, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and an Adjunct Professor, Albert School of Medicine, Brown University.  From 1999 – 2008, Dr. Rose served as a member of the steering committee of MINT.  For the last 20 years, he has been practicing, teaching, and conducting research on motivational interviewing and related approaches to health behavior change, and lectures widely on motivational enhancement and behavior change, both in the US and overseas. Dr. Rose has served as a co-investigator, consultant, and trainer on a variety of randomized clinical trials studying the application of motivational interviewing to health care, addictions, and psychosocial rehabilitation.  In 2009, Dr. Rose coauthored with William R. Miller, Toward a Theory of Motivational Interviewing, a seminal paper explicating the psycholinguistic component of MI.  His current research efforts are focused on developing cost-effective training methods for health care practitioners.  Dr. Rose is also a clinical child psychologist and maintains a practice in Chelmsford, MA USA.

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Alex Solodyna, Psy.D.

Senior Trainer

Dr. Alex Solodyna is an Assistant Psychologist, OCD Institute, at McLean Hospital, Instructor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, at Harvard Medical School, and an Adjunct Instructor, College of Professional Studies, at Northeastern University. For the last 6 years, Dr. Solodyna has been practicing, teaching, and lecturing on motivational interviewing and related approaches to health behavior change.  Dr. Solodyna’s doctoral dissertation focused on developing a cost-effective motivational interviewing training approach for clinicians who work with underserved populations.  Dr. Solodyna is also a clinical psychologist who provides MI & CBT/ERP treatment and neuro/psychological testing & assessment in his practice in Belmont, MA, USA (

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